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Fall Colors Run, Greenwater FS road 72

September 27th, 2003
With fall here, we wanted to get in a run before the snow flies a few weeks from now.
We had summer like weather today in the 80s up there in the mountains.

Joey had picked up his 4Runner the night before after having it shipped clear from the UK to WA. state.
Kevin (jimrockford and his son came all the way from Spokane to check out Greenwater.

We also came across a guy who had shot and killed a back bear.
We were not sure if he had poached the bear, or if it was legit.
Said he was berry picking, and the bear was stalking an elk, and he did not want to see the bear take down the elk.
Uh huh, yeah, whatever, it smelled fishy to us.
I bet he was freaked out to see all these Toyota people stop and whip out our digicams and start taking pics of him and the bear.

Here are the people who went.
Alan - 2000 4Runner (alanh)
Dave - 1998 4Runner (Mad Chemist)
Corey - 1991 4Runner (hey, that be me)
Ducky - 2001 4Runner 4Runner
Jim - 1998 Tacoma (jruz)
Jim & Trudie - 1989 Toyota truck (mytruck)
Joey & his sister Renee - 1994 4Runner (UKMyers)
Jowie - 2002 Tacoma (jowie)
Kevin & his son Derek - 1991 4Runner (jimrockford)
Mark & Karynne - 1996 4Runner (mpulver)
Mike - 1997 4Runner (smr4runner)
Romeo - 1994 Toyota truck (seafarinman)

The thumbnails will turn into a 1024x768 picture.

The videos are best viewed if you right click the link and save it to your desktop.
If you merely click on the link, it will play, but it can be choppy, and some parts may not play at all.

 These pictures & videos are from my Sony S70 CyberShot digicam.

Please right click the reel and choose "save target as" from the menu.
These will not play or stream in if you just click the link.
Joey playing in the gravel pit, 5.5 mb.
Part one: Airing down area, the bear, and the gravel pit, 4 mb.
Part two: More gravel pit action, 5.9 mb.
Here are some of mine & Trudie's pictures put together into a 5.7 mb slide show using Microsoft's Movie Maker.
The music is from a PC game called Interstate 76 that was very popular back around '98 or '99.

 These pictures are from Jim & Trudie.
They will have some more for me later, and I'll put them up when I get time.

Here are 36 more pictures from Jim & Trudie.
Here is a page Mark put together.
And also a page that Dave put together.

Trip Summery:
Hot and dusty up there today 
Had a great time, and it was cool to finally put some faces to go along with the names that we see on YotaTech all the time.

I feel like I have known a lot of them for a long time since we converse on the forum quite a bit.
Got to meet Joey (UKMyers) and his 2nd gen was looking sharp.
He was glad to have it back after having it on a slow boat from the UK to the USA.

Joey got a little excited being up at Greenwater for the first time and got stuck in some real soft gravel/dirt.
The gravel pit that we often stop by to play at had a lot more gravel added to it.
Joey came up a back way into a trail there, and sunk down a bit.
To get positioned correctly to back out, Jim (mytruck) and Joey had to use shovels to level out some of the ground so Joey could back down again.

Seeing the shot bear along the side of the road was quite strange indeed.
I can't really fathom a bear being down that low like that, and I have a feeling this guy was just out for some bear stakes to fill his fridge, and took advantage of the bear.
Not sure if it's even bear season up there.
Maybe Ranger Randy will see this, and do some checking into it.
Much better than bothering us Toyota folk who are out doing no harm.

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