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This next batch of pics is from Todd



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This next batch of pics & vids is from Shane
Shane just got himself a new digicam, and it's a shame I had to shrink them down, as at full resolution of  2272x1704, they are gorgeous.



The picture below is one Shane shot on panarama mode. It's very wide.

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Videos Shane took
Corey on hill
Brian on same hill
Jim on same hill
Alan on same hill

Summery of trip
We could not have asked for better weather this time when we went. It had to be close to 80 degrees up there.
I forgot a few things such as sunblock and insect repellent, and I'm paying the price.
The bugs were thick up there, and the sun was a scorcher at 5000 feet plus.

Got to meet AlanH, and Mark and his son Brian. It's nice to put names to folk's who you communicate with over the Toyota forums. We all took it pretty easy up there today.
This was primarily a scouting mission for me to explore new area up there. I had not been on this road we went on today except for the first mile of it from our last trip in April.
This trip offered stupendous views of Mt. Rainier.
The air up there was intoxicating as it was clean, and no city smell.

Did not really get to explore any single track trails like I wanted too, but there will be other times to do that. The roads we were on were a welcome change to some of the same old ones I go on a lot.
There has to be a couple of hundred miles of roads and trails up there, it's endless it seems, and one could get lost very easily.
It's best ot have a GPS along. The GPS units worked good up at the higher elevation as there was not a lot of tree canopy to block the satellites signals.

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