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G'day, and welcome to my new website.
I put in my order mid March of 2006 for an FJ Cruiser to replace my tired '91 4Runner.
I took purchase of my new rig on July 24 2006.
Yes, it was a very long wait, but worth it.

When I first saw the FJ Cruisers I was not really super impressed with them, but soon began to like them very much after I learned they were the most capable off roading rig that Toyota is currently producing for the USA.
Mine is equipped with only the CQ and upgrade package 1, and port installed items are the roof rack, trailer hitch, and locking lug nuts for the 4 wheels plus the spare.
So it is pretty much maxed out with options off the assembly line with the exception of the side curtain airbags.

My new rig will go through quite the metamorphosis as I slowly (OK, maybe not to slowly) mod this rig with sliderz, CB radio, roof rack accessories, and much more.
Another thing I like about this rig is that it comes from the factory (with the right package options) an electronic rear locker, A Trac, clinometer instrument cluster, and many more options to make this a much more capable rig for off roading than my 4Runner was.

This page is also being made without any use of JAVA, as Microsoft did an update for Service Pack 2 that totally fubared my main 4Runner index page.
Below is a Flash table of contents, no JAVA.

I will document the modifications on my site here, as well as on YotaTech.
Also there will be technical write-ups of some of the mods I do in the Tech Write-up area on YotaTech.

You know those cool FJ Cruiser full page topic ads in the 4x4 magazines?
Got 'em all scanned into a thread on YotaTech.
Click clicky...

Recent trail runs with YotaTech, newest first:
Snow Run @ Greenwater 12 30 2006
Fall Colors Run @ Greenwater 10 14 2006

PS, have not had time to update the runs or build pages.
Most of the runs are posted on YotaTech though in the Trip Report section.

And last but not least, all of my modifications to my rig are outlined here on my website in the FJC Mods in the table of contents below.
I have also documented the modifications on three forums with feedback from the members of those sites.
YotaTech Forums
IH8MUD Forums
FJ Cruiser Forums

Expedition Portal Forums (just started it recently, history is not as deep as the other three)

Many of you know that I am the admin and co creator of YotaTech.
We recently hit seven years on May the 21st of 2009.
Here is a seven minute video I put together that is on YotaTech's homepage from pictures submitted via the membership.


And last but not least, you DO NEED Flash installed to navigate my website.
There is a table of contents directly below and center of this text here.
If you do not have Flash installed for your browser, you can not visit the other sections of my website or see the YouTube videos above.


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