Christmas 2021 With The Tando Family
Once again we get together at my home for Christmas day with Caleb, Samuel, and Sarah Caleb's wife, my daughter in-law.

Lots of gifts, I got a cool Worf Star Trek pullover, A Star Wars Death Star clock, and a compact AR15 tool that will work with my AR platform pistol and rifles.

Samuel got a nice grooming kit, some drinks, Amazon gift card, ammo containers, a Vedder Cobra Buckle, gun belt, a calendar, and some stuff for his cats.

Caleb got ammunition, both 22LR and 9mm, a CMMG 22 conversion kit so he can shoot 22LR with his CMMG Banshee 5.56, calendars, a Blue Force Gear Vickers padded sling, gunsmithing tools, two ammo cans, coffee mocha drinks, and a EDC tray to hold his gun and other items on his dresser.

Sarah got ammunition also packed in two ammo cans, an EDC tray also, a calendar, a speed loader to load ammo, and doggy treats for all three of their dogs.

It was a great Christmas, and later in the evening it started to snow at my place, and there should be a lot more snow headed this week and the next.
My cats Loki & Thor hid shortly after the dogs got here, they were a little spooked I guess.
The last two Christmas's the cats stayed out with the dogs pretty much the whole time.
Photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T5i, and about the only time I use it now is for Christmas.